Streamlining Business Insights: Tally Prime’s TDL Code for Displaying Important Reports at One Place

In the ever-evolving landscape of business management, efficient data visualization and accessibility are paramount. Tally Prime, a leading accounting and business management software, has long been favored for its robust capabilities in managing financial data. With the introduction of Tally Definition Language (TDL), users now have the power to customize and enhance their Tally Prime experience to suit their specific needs.

One common requirement among businesses is the ability to access important reports quickly and conveniently. Imagine a scenario where key financial metrics, sales summaries, inventory status, and other vital information are all neatly organized and readily available in one central location within Tally Prime. This not only saves time but also enhances decision-making capabilities by providing a comprehensive overview of the business’s performance at a glance.

Fortunately, Tally Prime’s flexibility allows users to develop custom solutions using TDL code to achieve precisely this objective. By creating a custom module, users can aggregate relevant reports and display them within a single dashboard or menu, simplifying navigation and enhancing productivity.

Let’s delve into the TDL code required to develop such a module

[#MENU : Gateway of Tally]
title: Reports

Add: Key Item : Before : @@locQuit : MyReport: O: Menu : Reports

[Menu: Reports]

Key Item : Profit & Loss :P:Display :Profit and Loss
Key Item : Balance Sheet :B:Display :Balance Sheet
Key Item : Receipts and Payments :C:Display :Receipts and Payments
Key Item : Cash Flow :W:Display :Cash Flow
Key Item : Stock Summary :S:Display :Stock Summary
Key Item : Reorder Status :R:Display :Reorder Status
Key Item : Materials Requirements :M:Display :MRP
Key Item : Inward Tracking Details :I:Display :Inward Tracking Details
Key Item : Outward Tracking Details :O:Display :Outward Tracking Details
Key Item : Interest :O:Display : Ledger Interest
Key Item : voucher :O:Display : Accounting Voucher
Key Item : Sundry Debtors :O:Display : Sundry Dr
Key Item : GST portal :Action:Browse :””

Key Item : GST Login :Action:Browse :””

Key Item : GSTSearch :Action:Browse :””

Key Item : Youtube :Action:Browse :”


Key Item : GSTR1 :P:Display :GSTR1Trgl
Key Item : GSTR2 :P:Display :GSTR2Trgl
Key Item : GSTR3B :P:Display :GSTR3BTrgl
Key Item : GST COMPUTATION :P:Display :GST Computation
Key Item : GST COM MONTHLY :P:Display :GST Comp Monthlysummary
Key Item : GSTR1 TABLE :P:Display :GSTTrglTablewise Drilldown
Key Item : GSTR2 TABLE :P:Display :GSTR2TrglTablewise Drilldown
Key Item : GST VCH :P:Display :GSTR1Trgl Table VCHdrilldown
Key Item : GST PARTY :P:Display :GSTR2Partywise Drilldown


In the above TDL code snippet, we’ve created a custom menu named “ Reports” under the Gateway of Tally. Within this menu, various items such as “Financial Reports,” “Sales Summary,” and “Inventory Status” are defined, each representing a category of reports or insights.

For instance, under “Financial Reports,” we’ve added submenu items for essential financial statements like the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement. Similar sections are defined for other types of reports such as sales summaries and inventory status.

The actual implementation of displaying these reports would involve writing additional TDL code to fetch data from Tally Prime’s database and format it according to the desired report structure. This may vary depending on the specific requirements and the complexity of the reports needed.

Once the TDL code is implemented and integrated into Tally Prime, users can access the Business Insights Dashboard with a simple keystroke (Alt+I in this case), providing them with instant access to crucial information for informed decision-making.

In conclusion, leveraging TDL code in Tally Prime empowers businesses to customize their software experience and streamline access to important reports and insights. By centralizing key information within a unified dashboard, Tally Prime users can enhance efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, their bottom line.


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